Monday, 2 November 2009


The latest comic from xkcd is just excellent. I love seeing very specific aspects of films brought out in interesting ways, and these graphs are a brilliant example of this. I'd take the whole thing or pretty much any of the sub-graphs as a poster (only the 12 Angry Men one requires the others to make sense), and I'd buy the Primer one printed onto just about anything.

Because, you know, no one can get enough Primer.


Anonymous said...

That is indeed awesome. I'd love to see one for the Back To The Future trilogy.

I really need to start reading xkcd regulary again. And indeed, all the other webcomics I used to read.

Hanspan said...

As Dr Samuel Johnson may once have said "When a man is tired of reading xkcd regularly, he is tired of life."

Or, ya know, not.