Monday, 14 June 2010

Comedy Playlist

Browsing around the BBC's comedy website, I stumbled across what I think is a fairly novel concept: the comedy playlist. It pretty much does what it says on the tin - a selection of comedy sketches and clips chosen by one person. The only one I've watched so far is Stephen Merchant's (although at the present time there only seems to be his and Johnny Vegas' playlists on the site) which contained some absolute gems - I particularly recommend Adam Buxton's Nutty Room, the Big Train sketch and No More Women (a game I'm planning to play with whosoever is willing to try it with me).

So, naturally, I decided to have a go at my own comedy playlist. Below is a collection of ten clips, mainly resourced from YouTube, from comedy shows that I've enjoyed over the years. It's not my definitive top ten; more accurately it's a collection of ten clips from some of my favourites series that first came to mind, that I found just as funny on a fresh viewing and, just as important, I could find online. I may have a go at more than one of these, maybe around specific themes or something, if this one proves successful.

Merchant includes a very brief description/introduction to each of his clips, but I'll just let mine speak for themselves.

It'd be good to see anyone else's playlist if they fancy giving it a go...

1. Big Train - Cakes

2. Monkey Dust - Clive Pringle: 24

3. Henry 8.0 - Pope And Glory

4. Harry Enfield - Women: Know Your Limits

5. Jam - Casual Parents

6. The Fast Show - Posh Cockneys Up North

7. Man Stroke Woman - Minstrel
(I could only find this one attached to a second sketch, which is also funny, but my chosen sketch finishes at 2:09)

8. Fonejacker - HMV

9. The Office - The Brentmeister General

10. The League Of Gentlemen - Jedd Hunter's Commercial

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