Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas Movie Haiku

Home Alone

Culkin foils the thieves;
But the true miracle is
Pesci doesn't swear.


Jingle All The Way

Festive comedy:
Arnold Schwarzenegger stars...
Festive comedy?


Love, Actually

Christmas equals love
As long as you're white and straight.
Merry Middle Class!


The Holiday

Transatlantic love
Standard sappy rom-com fare...
What the fuck - Jack Black?!



Ferrell's tall and thinks
He's an elf but he isn't.
That's the only joke.


The Muppet Christmas Carol

Caine sings with puppets?
A blue furry Charles Dickens?
Sharp retelling? Yes!



TheTelf said...

Bruce walks through glass, fire.
Yippi-kay-yay, mother fu-
Snow falls. Rickman too.

Anonymous said...

Me likey.

If I come up with any more I will of course share them.

TheTelf said...

Multiple stories.
Hugh Grant dances, Emma weeps.
Sweet, or just sickly?

TheTelf said...

This is actually kinda fun. I feel a pub-quiz-round theme appearing...