Monday, 31 January 2011

2011 Oscar predictions

The nominations for the 2011 Academy Awards were announced last week, bringing few surprises for many it would seem. The nominees in most categories seem to have followed what many predicted, and the general consensus appears to be that those who are nominated deserve to be there. With twelve nominations, The King's Speech is the front runner, with the Coens' True Grit pleasingly receiving ten, followed by Inception and The Social Network with eight each. Whether this will be an Oscar year of forgone conclusions or big surprises remains to be seen, but I thought I'd join the foray of predictions with my thoughts on how things might go in the main categories. You can find out all the nominees on the official Oscar website.

Of the ten nominees for Best Picture, I've only managed to see Inception, The Social Network and Toy Story 3 and I'm pleased that they've all been nominated. There's been a great deal of praise for all the nominees over the past year, but The King's Speech seems to be the film on everyone's lips. Black Swan might get a look in, and I'd be happy to see the Coen Brothers get another best picture win after No Country For Old Men in 2007. But with all the accolades it's already received, I'm going to go with the general consensus and predict The King's Speech will be victorious here.

Best Director is a tricky one to predict, as I've only seen The Social Network. But where is Nolan for Inception? Not to take anything away from the nominees, but it's a great shame to see him missed off. I'm guessing looking at the directors nominated that Inception was too much of a summer blockbuster to get a nod. Anyway, all the directors have been lauded for their work on the films here, so I'm going to plump for Fincher winning here because I've seen the film and the direction was ace.

I've not seen any of the Best Actress films (whoops), but I'm expecting Natalie Portman to claim it. As for Best Actor, again I've only seen The Social Network, but the buzz around Firth's performance in The King's Speech has been impossible to miss. I'm glad to see Jesse Eisenberg and James Franco in here, as both are great young talents who deserve to go far, but again I'm going to go with the consensus and predict Firth as the winner as it would seem foolish not to.

As I haven't seen any of the films for either Best Supporting Actress or Best Supporting Actor, I'm not going to give any predictions for them.

Great to see Mike Leigh nominated for Best Original Screenplay for Another Year (a film I very much want to see). Another category where I've only seen one of the films - Inception this time - and as Nolan seems to have been largely overlooked in other categories, I'm going to go with him winning this one.

Best Adapted Screenplay is a tricky one to call. I've seen two of the five nominated (The Social Network and Toy Story 3), and whilst it would be great to see the Coens win this with True Grit, I'm going to go with The Social Network to win this one as it's script was razor sharp.

From the rest of the categories:
  • Best Animated Film has to be Toy Story 3.
  • A shame to see Daft Punk's score for Tron: Legacy miss out on a nomination. I'd love Reznor and Ross' score for The Social Network to win this one.
  • Inception for Best Cinematography, please.
  • Good to see Banksy's Exit Through The Gift Shop nominated for Best Documentary Feature.
If I manage to see any more of the nominees between now and 27th February I'll be sure to update my predictions.

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