Sunday, 29 January 2012

"I think we oughta leave now." "Yeah, that's probably a good idea."

This will be the last new entry on this blog from me, and, unless any of the other contributors decide to write a final entry, most likely the last entry of all. After 684 posts, four-and-a-half years, seven sporadic contributors, countless links, opinions, reviews and displays of geekery, the decision has been made to finally call it a day here.

There are several reasons behind this decision. Firstly, I am currently the only active contributor, and have been for at least a year. The other contributors' input has dwindled for various reasons - concentrating on other individual blogs, waning interest in blogging, or simply lack of the time they used to have to contribute - and their names now stand more as a recognition of their past work than an expectation of them to start writing here again.

Secondly, this blog was set up as a place where the contributors would write about anything. Of course, with the same contributors, similar topics and themes occurred more and more as the post count grew. But as the contributions became less frequent, the topics narrowed. Essentially, this blog now serves as a film review site (my recent attempt to widen my focus having been largely unsuccessful), which isn't what it was created to be.

The final reason is almost the flipside to the second reason. My interest in blogging is now almost entirely focused on film. Whilst I've managed to become more regular once again in my blog activity over the past few months, I've held back on trying out a few different types of post I'd like to attempt because I've carried on writing here.

Essentially, whilst I've loved contributing to this place for the past four-and-a-half years, writing here now comes with a fair amount of "baggage", for want of a better phrase. My blogging interests have changed, and this blog no longer fits those interests closely enough.

It also feels like the right time to close up shop here as this blog will never again see the amount of activity it once had. Gone are the glory days of the early years - this blog has gone from tallying almost an entry per day on average in 2008 to barely one or two entries per month in 2010, and whilst things have picked up in the past year, the collective feeling is one of wanting to preserve what once was rather than attempting in vain to get it back.

So, this is pretty much it for From Oedipus To Samuel L. Jackson's Wallet. It's been a great four-and-a-half years, and the most successful blog I've been involved in. The blog will remain here to be browsed should anyone wish. I know I will be revisiting entries fairly regularly, as I have done the whole time I've been writing here.

So, what's next? Well, TheTelf and I are in the process of getting a new, film-centric blog started up, hilariously titled:

Most of my reviews from the past year have been imported there to provide some material to get things going. All my new reviews will feature there, as well as some of those other film-related post ideas I mentioned before once things are up and running. I know there are several people who visit here fairly regularly and read my reviews at the moment, so please follow me and TheTelf to our new blog home and keep reading, I really appreciate just knowing people are reading what I've written.

In closing, I would like to offer my personal thanks and appreciation to everyone who has contributed here, no matter how big or small a capacity that has been in. Thanks too to everyone who has read what has been written here, as it makes blogging feel that much more worthwhile. I've loved every moment of being part of this blog, and will look back fondly at the entries that have been written here.

From Oedipus To Samuel L. Jackson's Wallet

20th July, 2007 - 29th January, 2012


Film Intel said...

Sorry to read this but already following Some Like It Hot Fuzz. Looking forward to continued reading over there. Good luck!

Andy Wotherspoon said...

In a strange turn of events, I decided to see what was happening on this blog these days and read this. While I'm sad, I guess it makes sense for it to end. For my own part, my reasons for not contributing so much was that I wasn't entirely sure what was appropriate to post, I almost felt a little like someone who'd come late to a party and was trying to figure out the social etiquette's of jumping into a conversation, or eight. I also felt like I'd come dressed as a rabbit to a black tie dinner, but that's beside the point. Another part was an internal struggle with whether anything I had to offer would be of any interest to anyone. I guess from your description the answer to both those things was, whatever and whenever... if that even makes sense. I realise that this post is over a year old, so this may get lost, but for what it's worth, I enjoyed just being a small part of something that was so interesting and strangely social in it's time.