Thursday, 1 January 2009

We’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet

Well, 2008 is behind us, and as we settle into 2009 like a brand new jumper that fits perfectly but, having not been worn in, doesn't yet feel quite comfortable yet, I thought I'd just post a few random observations of mine:

- 2008 seems to have been a year, on the whole, that a lot of people haven't liked. This is in no way backed up through any kind of research, but based purely on what I've heard and read from various friends and acquaintances. Many people I know seem to be very happy to see the back of '08. For a variety of reasons, '08 was a very good year for me, so whilst I always try to look to the future, it's a year I will look back on fondly.

- For those of you who were underwhelmed by your new year's eve celebrations, I now have a few consecutive years of experience to say confidently that it's not what you're doing that matters, but who you're with. I've spent the past few new year's eves in the company of people who mean a great deal to me: this year I had a relatively quiet night in with my girlfriend, seeing in the new year with a couple of films and some good food and drink. I still know people who build new year's eve up to be a huge event and feel that they have to either do something momentous or get so drunk that even if they manage to see the clock tick over to midnight they won't remember it, both of which usually cost significantly more than on any other night of the year. If you found this year that your new year's eve didn't live up to your expectations, next year I recommend that you don't have any expectations, and just make sure you're with people that you care about and who care about you. In my experience, it beats paying over the odds to have a hangover on new year's day every time.

- Whilst FOTSLJW has fluctuated in its activity over the past year, my activity possibly fluctuating more than that of anyone else, I still feel incredibly proud to be part of this little online community of opinion, esotericism and self-amusement. In some ways it's a shame that we did not quite reach the "one entry for every day of the year" milestone (only two entries short), but at the same time the amount of entries in this blog's first full calendar year I think is a fabulous achievement, and every topic discussed in 2008 demonstrates the wide range of ideas and occurrences that this blog, and its contributors, cover and consider. I look forward with zeal to the continuance of FOTSLJW into 2009, and wonder what all of the contributors will be doing in a year's time, and indeed if we will be joined by any new contributors.

I shall leave at that for now. Happy new year to everyone and anyone who reads this blog (if you haven't already made yourself known, 2009 is the year to do it) and I wish you a prosperous and positive year ahead.

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