Sunday, 29 March 2009

Drifting along with the tumbling tumbleweed

So, March 2009 is set to be the leanest blogging month for FOTSLJW since its inception*. Is it the time of year? March 2008 suggests no, seeing as there was an entry for every day of the month then with one spare entry to boot. Is it that the writers here have lost interest in this place. I would claim a resounding "NO!" to that, as many of the writers have commented on entries even if they haven't created any new ones recently. Plus I just know that's not the case.

Maybe its just the fact that everyone here is a human being with a life that sometimes allows for indulgence in blogging, and at other times becomes continually busy, with some things being placed on the back burner out of necessity. This blog is a hobby more than anything for me. I don't have wild dreams of anyone picking up my film reviews, opinion pieces or esoteric ramblings and starting to pay me for writing them. This place is great for me to use, but sometimes, whether I like it or not, other things in my life need to take priority. My school breaks up for Easter on Thursday this week (with an INSET day on the Friday - when you're a teacher you have to go in on those days, surprisingly), so hopefully over the two weeks of holiday I'll have a chance to start writing here a little more regularly. This term has been three weeks shorter than the winter term, but it's felt a hell of a lot more tiring. I'm certainly not the only teacher I know who feels that way either.

Anyway, here's to April being a little more fleshy in terms of bloggery here. I'll leave you with a video of a dog having a very vivid dream.

*Following this entry, March 2009 now actually has one more post than July 2007, the month this blog was started. However, seeing as the first post here was written on the 20th day of the month, I reckon March 2009 wins as least bloggy month overall.


awotherspoon said...

My reason for blogging so little of late is due to the server lack of a computer. My graphics card bought it a month or so ago (mostly due to my computer electrocuting itself) and I've been using Joe's laptop thing (until he went away), but it just hasn't felt like a proper computer so I've fallen out of my normal routine with computers and the internet (my iphone hasn't been sunk to a pc for months and I've stopped listening to the podcasts I used to listen to each week). This is also down to my job changing, I now don't need to listen to a podcast or two to sustain me throughout the day and I don't have headphones yet so feel like it'd be rude to blast it through the speakers. However I will eventually come to a decision on whether or not to get a laptop and then which format (PC or Mac) and then which model, but until then I shall be blog-free-boy. Oh well

awotherspoon said...

wow severe turned into server (mild irony)