Sunday, 29 March 2009

Linkables 29/3/9

Something of a bumper crop this time around, what with my recent lack of any kind of posts, let alone links ones. Enjoy:

A ridiculously lucky Turkish guy.

Addictive multiplayer acronym game.

The daft punk's console.

Intriguing they-must-have-faked-it fantasy football adverts from America.

Chinlone, the traditional sport of Myanmar.

Via David Mitchell (I've never found a columnist who seems to steal the thoughts out of my head quite so easily), we have the marvellous spEak You're bRanes, which mocks the ubiquitous Have Your Say commenters about whom I've complained a couple of times, but with less humour and less sucess.

Astounding lack of mathematical nous from an American phone company.

An example of a great graph from Graph Jam.

Two more columns from Dr. Ben Goldacre, examining data presented in the news or advertising - on prostate cancer and carbon monoxide.

A very moving Touching-the-void-esque account of a mountaineering tradgedy on Everest. Found via this discussion on ask metafilter.

Tactile Illusions from New Scientist.

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