Monday, 22 February 2010

Furry + foreign = funny

It's been a little while - nearly a month - since anyone posted anything here, which is a shame considering the surge in activity FOTSLJW experienced at the end of '09. On my part, this is partly due to laptop problems, partly due to life getting in the way, and partly due to just being a bit crap. Seeing as the first problem is now seemingly sorted, and the second has momentarily died down somewhat (unfortunately I'm still crap though), I've got a couple of posts I plan to start working on this week if possible. But for now, to break the silence, here's a couple of "blooper reels" from an enduring ad campaign that I must admit is something of a guilty pleasure of mine. It shamelessly deploys hackneyed cliches, such as cute furry things selling stuff, and foreign accents being endlessly hilarious. But they're cute and furry! And he's got a funny foreign accent! Look at him! Listen!

Proper posts will resume shortly.

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