Monday, 8 March 2010

'00 Ten

So, in order to get myself writing here again, I turn to one of my most favourite topics to write about: film. In that sense, it's an attempt to make my next lot of entries here somewhat easier. But looking at the task I'm setting myself, in many ways it's a hefty task to undertake. That said, the last hefty task I undertook here seemed to go pretty well by several accounts.

I'm going to attempt to pick my ten films of the past decade.

A quick Google search shows that several media outlets have already attempted to do this, giving their opinions in lists extending all the way to top one hundreds. These lists make interesting reading, with everything from Borat to Team America: World Police making it into top tens, and serve to highlight the films that have ingrained themselves into the zeitgeist of the decade and the psyche of those who lived through it. However, it's difficult to see them as anything other than subjective lists. By the very nature of what is being attempted, I fail to see how anything else could possibly be produced. But it has still spurred me on to produce my own subjective rundown of my films of the last ten years.

In the last decade, I've grown from a teenager who watches a lot of films at the turn of the century, to a twenty-something cinephile at the end of 2009. In choosing my ten, I'll attempt to bring together the films that have played the greatest roles in this journey. They won't all come from the best films of the last ten years, or my favourite films, or the films that define the decade - much more likely, they'll be a mix of all three with a handful of other factors thrown in for good measure. Ultimately, they'll be my films and nobody else's. If you agree with my choices then wonderful; if you disagree, equally wonderful. Either way, we'll have plenty to talk about.

I plan to put together a review/explanation for each of my ten films, so expect my first selection here soon (if I get my act together, later on this week).

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