Sunday, 14 December 2008

Brown paper packages tied up with strings

So Martin tagged all the contributors to this blog (not including himself) on his own blog to complete a meme where you name seven things you like. I appear to be the first to do so, but I hope I'm not the last.

Seven things I like:

  1. Being in a relationship. I guess that's a pretty wide-ranging thing to like, but I couldn't pick out just one thing. Relationships are things that I have relatively little experience with, so to be in one (and such a positive one) is both a feeling of exhiliaration, fulfilment and treading on new ground. Having been with my girlfriend for almost seven months, I can't imagine being with anyone else, nor can I imagine not being in a relationship. I feel more grown up than I ever have, and I really really like that.
  2. Drum and bass music. Whilst I don't listen to drum and bass exclusively, of all the types of music I listen to it's probably the genre that I could do that with most easily. There's enough artists out there (Chase & Status, High Contrast and Sub Focus to name but three) creating fresh and exciting drum and bass tracks to keep the music interesting, innovative and definitely worth keeping up to date with. Also, still the most fun music to dance to by far.
  3. Pupils who make teaching worthwhile. The ones who go out of their way to achieve their very best, and show their appreciation of you striving to help them. Whilst I genuinely want to give all the support I can to every pupil I teach, it's the ones who show their elation at succeeding after you've helped them that remind me just why I chose to become a teacher in the first place. There are lots of other things about teaching that I like, but this one is much more in the forefront of my mind than any other at the moment.
  4. Watching films I haven't seen before and really liking them. Watching a film and enjoying it is one thing, but few things beat the feeling of when you walk into a cinema or stick on a DVD and a couple of hours later feel like you've experienced a film that will stay with you for a long long time because of how much you enjoyed it. This has happened to me recently with the Lethal Weapon films; the feeling is at its best, however, when the film is little-known or non-mainstream, as it gives you the added bonus of feeling like you've discovered a hidden gem in the vast seas of forgettable cinema. Wes Anderson and the Coen Brothers do this most regularly for me.
  5. Dr. Pepper. Best fizzy drink ever.
  6. Not waking up to an alarm. The fact that waking up to an alarm always, without fail, feels like such an unnatural thing to do, coupled with the fact that I have to wake up to an alarm five days out of seven on a regular basis, makes waking up when my body wants to wake up on the remaining two days all the more sweet.
  7. Michael McIntyre. The more I see of him, the more I like him. Hilarious, personable, and never appears to pretend to be someone he's not. A comedian who has quickly joined the ranks of Ricky Gervais and Bill Bailey as one of my favourite stand up comedians.
I hope that's given you some insight into my mind at the moment. I look forward to reading any other lists that go up here. And as pretty much everyone I know who blogs writes here, I'll leave it to someone else to pass this on via tagging.


TheTelf said...

Agree with your 1, 4 and 6. Disagree with 2 and 5. Memes ftw.

happylittlecynic said...

6... Oh 6! What a wonderful feeling :)

As a side note, I saw Bill Bailey outside my local Tescos a couple of days ago...

"Aww.. look at that guy playing with his son, that's really sweet. Hey, he looks a bit like Bill Bailey. Oh! He *is* Bill Bailey!" - cue not being sure where to look and trying to act normal and not look like a dorky fan :p

Little LeBamski Urban Achiever said...


To avoid laminating sixty five year seven certificates I have decided to follow in Bambi’s and Telf’s footsteps. There are numerous things which I like and it is extremely hard to narrow that down to seven,

• Football
Not for everyone but nothing can beat the feeling of your team winning. The feelings of the cold wind against your face as you sit in the stands. The banter between you and the people you sit with discussing the team’s formation. The pride you feel when the lads win and make you proud. The feeling of hope when they lose knowing they will come back the week later. The sore throats from cheering too much, the hangovers from European adventures, the flags, the scarf’s, the shirts and the friends made. A very important man once said,
“Footballs not about life or death its much more important than that!”
I went to my first football match when I was four and will continue to go till am old and wrinkly!

• Teaching
The teaching profession hmmm where do I begin? The endless paperwork, marking and “twilight “meetings are very dull. The feeling you get when a child comes to you and says “Miss your safe”. This may seem strange to the non teacher but it’s the moments like that that make your job worthwhile. Its not the moments where your forced to choose between groups in the staffroom or argue with someone over photocopying codes. I wouldn’t swap my job for all the money in the world. Teaching can be full of highs and lows but its going that extra mile for those kids in need. In no other job would I get to spend my days blowing up jelly babies, making diet coke erupt or making things explode! This is the best thing about being a science teacher.

• Taking photographs
A little snapshot of hope, laughter, happiness, sadness, excitement or joy. I love taking photographs and the best kinds are the ones that are not structured or posed for. A photo can tell a story and trigger a million memories.

• Lazy Sundays
Lazy Sundays are wonderful knowing that you still have a whole afternoon to chill before you even have to think about Monday mornings. Sunday mornings are for lie ins, newspapers and breakfast in bed. Sunday afternoons are for dvds, possibly Sunday football and chilling with good friends and loved one.

• Being in a relationship (the lovely Ben)

• Shoes
I think I have an unhealthy obsession with shoes! Nothing beats the feeling of stepping in to a pair of new, fit shoes! Current fitties are black and white stilettos

• Scouse
This has a double meaning,
- The ultimate fit food!
- Being scouse