Monday, 1 December 2008

Linkables 1/12/8

Yarr, me hearties. Some more links for ye, plundered from the briny deep of the internet. There be no law out there, ye know. Pirates are very in, right now, you know.

And while I'm linking musical youtube videos, this is a very famous one, and one which I've never got. Perhaps it's a testament to my total lack of a musical ear, but I genuinely can't connect the songs he's referencing and the base tune he's claiming they have - they just don't sound the same to me at all. Weird.

How not to reference.

For any Top Gear watchers wondering what The Stig's morse code has been saying this series.

Is it going to rain?

A little app with no purpose other than to frighten you with statistics.

And the rather sweet idea of the human clock and human calender.

For the browser-based gamers: live, multiplayer caption competitions, board games and tank battles.

Or, maybe you prefer your gaming to be more console-based. Perhaps even open-source-console based.

And finally a couple of blog posts: on getting older, and on getting pregnant.

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Anonymous said...

With regard to the Pachelbel Rant, it's not necessarily the tune, just the chords of the eight notes that he plays near the beginning. I'm a little rusty on the technical side of music (it'd be good if someone who isn't could back me up here... Martin, Joe, I'm looking in your direction), but from what I can hear he pretty much sticks to those eight chords as the backing for each of the songs he sings, apart from towards the end where he gets a bit looser with it for the sake of comedy. I'm pretty sure he changes around a few of the songs a little bit to fit, but not many. The bit where he plays the stream of "punk" songs is ace, as they do all sound just like that.