Monday, 8 December 2008

Dogs that go woof, cats that go woof...

Izzard. Wonderful. Death Star canteen. Classic.

Tonight we saw him at the Lyric in Soho. He was good, very good, and definitely worth seeing. Hannah thought perhaps there were too many noises and not enough laughter making - especially (my guess) in the first half. I thought he'd slightly become a caricature of himself. He certainly leans fairly heavily on the old stalwarts ("Never... do that bit... again...", "What the fuck was I talking about?", etc).

Still, some future classics from this evening (with apologies to the easily offended):

Student: Sir! I suffer from pong [dyslexia - renamed for simplicity of spelling]!
Teacher: Ok then, go and sit at the side and chew something.
And a few others (jog my memory in the comments, guys!). Strangely, no women's clothes this time. Also gone are the fake boobs. Quite a tailcoat though.

Overall, recommended. Very enjoyable, if bloody expensive. Better than Sexie, and with an awesome lighting design to boot.

Apologies to anyone who suffered cardiac arrest upon noticing that I'd actually contributed something. Don't bet on it setting a trend!


TheTelf said...

There was no reason to be late in the stone age.

I don't understand you kids and your rocks...

Covert Elephants.

Giraffe Charades.

"Can't stand the man"

Hannibal and his upside-down squirrel-pig beasts.

happylittlecynic said...

"It was a nightmare in there, man! It was terrible! We're enslaaaaved! The big stripey ones, man, they killed everything!"

Anonymous said...

You are referencing a comedy show that I could not attend. I am therefore unable to understand the references; argal, I hate you.

TheTelf said...

"We've been wandering in this desert for forty years, what shall we do? Let's smelt some metal!"

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

Having recently watched all of Mr Izzard's collective works on DVD I can say that Sexie is by far the worst so if this is an improvement on that, it's firstly not saying much, but hey atleast he's not getting worse.

Other than that, wouldn't mind seeing it, probably wont until it's on DVD.

Hanspan said...

"We know that Jesus was the seventh son. After Aysus, Beesus, Seasus, Deesus, Eesus, Efsus..."

"If a giraffe saw a tiger in Africa, he'd be very surprised, because there are no tigers in Africa."

"Don't eat barbed wire. Never sellotape your foot to a taxi."

"If anything scares you, keep quiet and run up a tree. Always bury your food in a hole in the ground."
"Are these in fact, squirrel commandments?"
"I'm sorry maaaaan."

"If God is anything he's Captain Random. Because you go to God and you say 'We've got a little girl dying of diptheria' and he says 'Ok, ok okokok. Spoons!' 'She's dying of diptheria!'"

"Ok Janine, Kenny, Stavros, Rogers - two people, come over here." - repeat ad infinitum

And I maintain that for £60, there's only so much incoherent gibberish you should be allowed to get away with, it wears thin very fast.