Sunday, 15 June 2008


No post yesterday, partly because I was caught up with the first ever pulpfact meet-up extravaganza. This prestigious event was sadly missed by a few of our number, but myself, Hannah, James, and the as-yet-silent Martin were present, along with non writer (but equally welcome) Katie.
The event itself was pretty low key and very enjoyable - a nice grill dinner followed by a trip back to Martin's to watch Little Miss Sunshine. The most surprising aspect of the whole business was probably the discovery that Hannah and Katie had attended the same school (one year apart). While being an exciting development on its own (and one which helped lessen any slight awkwardness that might have been present at a first-time meet-up), it got me thinking about some of the other coincidences I can remember from my own life.

Coincidences, of course, are an expected part of any system as complex as human life, but nevertheless, they are surprising when the happen, and, whether you read anything into them or not, make, I think, interesting anecdotes. And if you disagree, then I apologise for wasting your time with some brief yarnery:

  • The various times (such as yesterday) that separate friends have turned out to know each other (or to know a third party). This has happened at least three times now since I left uni.
  • Being placed in room 219 in first year at university, given that the number 219 appeared in both my phone number and my debit card number at the time.
  • Finding, after I'd been arbitrarily picked to share a room with Joe in first year at Warwick, that we'd both applied to do maths at the same Cambridge college, and had probably been in the same room as each other when eating lunch on the interview day there.
  • Finding a wallet lying on the ground on campus, and finding upon handing it in that it belonged to the daughter of my A Level Maths teacher, someone I didn't even know was at the same university as me.
  • Buying an Adam and Joe DVD and a Shaun of the Dead DVD at the same time, only to discover that Joe Cornish (of Adam and Joe fame) happens to present one of the special features on the Shaun of the Dead DVD.
  • While listening to the entirety of Joe's music collection on random, a saxophone recording comes on. Joe explains that it's a friend of his from home playing, and that he hasn't spoken to him in ages. Before the track changes, the friend in question calls him.
Can anyone else remember any weird coincidences they've experienced?

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Anonymous said...

I guess Martin being there despite not yet having made his inaugural post in a way balances out my absence. Stupid PGCE and its stupid workload stupidness. I shall endeavour to make the next meet-up.