Thursday, 26 June 2008

The Great Storm

How were you affected?

By the great storm, I mean, of course, the loss of TV coverage for Germany - Turkey last night due to storms in Vienna.

For me, it was fairly un-eventful, the BBC switching to 5-live who have far better commentators anyway. The main amusement was that when their commentry was coupled with pictures, you realised they were actually a few seconds ahead with their commentry. We actually heard Turkey's second goal scored before we saw it.

However, for fans around the game it must have been infuriating and presumably also coupled with them being very wet.

Also, the story of the Honk Kong reporter who resorted to borrowing a phone off of a fan to relay his commentry (from inside a deafening stadium) is just wonderful, imo.

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TheTelf said...

I thought it was vaguely amusing, though it was annoying that they kept interrupting the commentary to apologise for the loss of pictures.

And having the commentary ahead of the action was slightly disconcerting. It was like being briefly and very specifically psychic.

Also it was nice to have a break from Motson and Lawrenson, who seemed to be competing in a game of "who can say the most stupid, unfunny, and unrelated-to-the-actual-game line of commentary".