Thursday, 5 June 2008

Hay Fever


My whole head is a big ball of ugh at the moment. Why? Because the sun came out and that made all the grass randy. My body then found this highly offensive and decided an appropriate response would be to fill my head with snot. To be alergic to nice spring / summer weather is pretty damned annoying.

In other news I stand corrected on my belief that you should use an apostrophe after an acronym, e.g. DVD's. My reasoning for this was twofold:
a) I'd heard it somewhere (this is my reasoning for many things, though I like to think trivial things)
b) It meant you wouldn't think the 's' was part of the acronym, e.g. Digital Versatile Disc in Stereo, that had simply been left un-capitalised.
Anyway, you do indeed learn something every day.

In other things I've learnt, apparently in the days of the ancient greeks, young men were quite sought after by older men. Particularly (and this is what I learnt) sought after were young men who were just starting to grow a beard and who's beard was thus soft and downy in nature.

Having recently shaved and grown stubbly, I've realised I'm beyond that stage now, ah well.

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