Monday, 16 June 2008

Han not surprised. Han feel vindicated.

After reading this, I'm glad we didn't go and see The Incredible Hulk on Saturday...


TheTelf said...

Indeed, though good lord that review was annoying to read. After the first couple of sentences you've got the joke, but still have four paragraphs of Hulk-speak. It's jarring, like when a fairground ride keeps starting and stopping, but I guess with less danger of smashing out all your teeth on a safety bar.

And speaking of teeth. Ick. Legs firmly crossed.

The Big LeBamski said...

I've heard mixed things about The Incredible Hulk but I still want to make my own mind up. With Edward Norton and Tim Roth involved there has to be something of worth within it.

immedia reaction said...

@Patrick, Yup, it were annoying. Though I liked the parting shot. Two hours of life. Critic will not get back.

And I have to say that trailer intrigues me. Not because I delight in the idea or anything... in fact, similar ideas have scared me rigid, but still, it's interesting. Vaginas are often depicted as these things which will drain a man and reduce him utterly. But it doesn't usually put the woman in a position of power. It's just that a man has let his guard down and been reduced as a consequence Though I can't tell a lot from that snippet, it seems like she *might* get to embark on some sort of role reversal, which could be cool. Even if, like a lot of horror films, it might just be sick as well.

The only way I'll know is if I go and see it. Not sure I'm brave enough. Sigh.

I'm guessing you haven't read American Gods by Neil Gaiman? There's a bit in that where a goddess has sex with a man and basically sucks him inside herself. At the end, it describes the lips of her vagina sliding slickly over his face and it just makes me shudder... It's given me a hugely irrational fear that I may one day engulf and digest someone I'm having sex with :S

@Bambi, you would think so, but I have to say, even the trailer didn't impress me. Peter Bradshaw makes the point that they do a similar thing as Spiderman 3, i.e. bringing in a polar opposite Nemesis who is slightly more hardcore. Spiderman 3 wasn't great and they also did the same thing in Iron Man, which I thought was rubbish.

Hmm toss up. Which would I rather sit through? Teeth or the Incredibly Hulk? Now that's a poser.

TheTelf said...

Thanks for that description of the American Gods section. I fear you may have given me an irrational fear of being engulfed.

Teeth sounds like the kind of thing I'd be happy to read in book form, but I really don't deal with horror/gore stuff well when it's on screen. If it turns out to be tasteful and interesting, there's a chance I'll see it at some point. If it's just a horror movie, I'll pass. I already have enough nightmarish images bouncing round my skull, I'm afraid...

"Spiderman 3 wasn't great" - Understatement of the year. Spiderman 3 was the biggest pile of pants this side of Gigli.