Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Drunk My Milkshake

This is a brief entry to say that I will no longer be using Drink Your Milkshake to publish reviews. The reasons are simple:

1. It turns out that a blog, or at least one on blogger.com, is far from ideal for collating and cataloguing reviews. Essentially it is too restrictive to make anything really worthwhile, which is something I'd like to end up creating. I have no delusions of making it big as a reviewer, but I like to do things well if I do them at all, and a blog just isn't cutting it.

2. I'm pleased with both Andy's and my own review style, but largely after talking with Telf I'm now of the opinion that there's no point in having a review site that just simply says your opinion on a film, an album or whatever. That's fine for you and your friends, but why should anybody else care? What can you offer that'll make people come back to read more of what you have to say? Reviews need a hook to make them different to every other person reviewing on the internet (see the Flixter Facebook application to see how many of them there are for films alone), and whilst I've figured out a hook I'd like to try out, I don't want to do it in a half-hearted way, which I feel is the only way I would be able to start doing it for the foreseeable future. Plus all the reasons I laid out in the first point - I don't see the point in starting to do it on a blog when I'm not happy with the format.

So yeah. A review site is still something I'd like to get going sometime, but now is just not the right time, and a blog is not the right place. Many thanks to Andy for his excellent reviews. I'm going to move my reviews from DYM onto here, and I urge him to do the same as they are great reviews. I guess the third reason for ending DYM is that I'd rather put my efforts into this blog seeing as it's continually going from strength to strength. I'll put any future reviews on here. Kinda like the one I'm just about to write...

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