Tuesday, 14 October 2008

25 things I did this weekend rather than blogging.

Spent 7 and a half hours on trains over four days.

Watched 10 episodes of Coupling on my beautiful little laptop while travelling on said trains.

Discovered that despite being mostly very innocuous when viewed without sound, there are a few scenes in Coupling that one maybe does not want random commuters watching over one's shoulder.

Spent 5 minutes exchanging chirps and tweets with a very cute and personable red-feathered bird in an aviary.

Spent 30 minutes or so causing various kinds of harm to a laptop in the interests of humour.

Took numerous potentially-career-damaging photographs.

Ate a pub dinner and a petrol-station breakfast.

Ate two entire packs of haribo and innumerable mini-chocolates.

Walked halfway into Stoke before turning round, walking back to the house and getting a taxi

Took a video inside an 80s bar that I have been forbidden from showing anyone.

Lost a piggy back race outside an 80s bar.

Watched two people who had never met until that evening comparing sexual conquests using facebook.

Ran for a train and made it with seconds to spare, without knowing if it was my train or not.

Became increasingly frustrated with the inability of Arriva Trains Wales to announce which stations the train you're on is stopping at, even as it rushes you closer and closer to the wilds of the Welsh countryside.

Recieved a swift (and accidental) kick to the balls.

Entirely failed to take pictures of several groups of geese, which deliberately flew overhead at the worst possible moments, camera-wise.

Made an emergency 8pm Sunday night trip to a petrol station to buy 4 kilos of sugar. And a bottle of diet coke. And some chocolate chip biscuits.

Boiled up 5 litres of crab apple jelly.

Watched a pan of sugar and crab apple juice boil over onto a red hot ceramic hob.

Tried to clean boiling hot crab apple syrup off a red hot ceramic hob with a damp tea towel.

Spent 20 minutes waiting for 3 pans of syrup to come to the boil before realising that the cooker was switched off at the wall.

Burnt my tongue on delicious crab-apple napalm straight from the pan.

Enjoyed First Great Western's delightful first class service - leather seats and all the tea you can drink, for just £14.

Took nearly 300 photos on my new compact camera.

Left myself unable to move this morning, and certain that taking a few days off to recover was the best decision I could have made.

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