Friday, 17 October 2008

Linkables 17/10/8

It's a slow month on the blogging front apparently, but what better way to kick it into shape than with a good old fashioned links post. A lot of these are from a while back, but they should still be relatively good selection.

Possible Disney take on The Sarah Palin Story.

Thinking of buying a writing device? With all that choice out there, probably best to check out a review or two first.

I disagree that it's a definitive list, but The 150 Best Online Flash Games certainly provides a good number of diverting time-fillers.

And if you think you've got a good eye for geometry, test out your accuracy with The Eyeballing Game.

Cyanide and Happiness can be hit and miss as a webcomic, and sometimes relies too much on crude humour, but when they hit the mark with one of their surreal or witty comics, they really hit it.

It may be a sponsered page advertising some sort of networking site, but the 8 phases of dating, and types of bad kissers are pretty funny...

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