Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Linkables 28/10/8

Be careful what you type, even un-networked computers might no longer be safe.

David Sederis on the lunacy of undecided voters.

A woman who's life truly spans the changes in racial attitudes in the US over the last century (and more).

Don't for goodness sake give Harry Potter books to your kids, because evil is all too tempting for their young minds...

For fans of zombie movies and/or fans of Charlie Brooker, Dead Set is a must-see. From the first episode it seems darkly funny, and very gory. Plus, it's Charlie Brooker, how can you go wrong? Watch episodes online on 4OD (assuming you have IE), and read Charlie's article about it. I'll probably write a bit more about it once the mini-series has finished (I believe they're doing one episode a day this week), but at a first look, it seems very entertaining.

And on the subject of zombies, I haven't watched any of I Am Not Infected yet, but with a guy wearing a dinosaur comics t-shirt in it, how awesome must it be? The answer? Significantly.

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