Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Linkables 22/10/8

I don't want to keep citing busyness as my reason for a lack of posting, but I've spent hardly any time at my computer recently. I've got a few 'proper' posts in the works, but until then, have a look at these:

How does the most popular social networking site differ as you go around the world? Looks like it's updated monthly with the "gains/losses" in the style of a political campaign.

And speaking of politics, what's not to love about the Sarah Palin Debate Flowchart?

And, still on politics, anyone convinced by this anti-Obama video should probably have their vote taken away.

Classic photographs recreated in Lego! The set-up shots are great too.

Finally a brilliant webcomic that's been around for ages but which I've only just started to read: Wondermark. These are just a few that made me laugh, but I haven't even scratched the surface of the archives...

Read it. Read it now.

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Hanspan said...

That video is scary. What is scarier is that some people probably are dumb enough to fall for it. It's simple, it's repetitive and I can hear him yelling "Taaaaaaar-zaaaan" in my head right now.

Urgh. Racist, hypocritical bullshit. I can't believe he is actually legally allowed to say things like that. If something like that was screened on British TV, he'd be slapped with a libel action in microseconds. Hell, Obama could even sue him in a British court because I've just watched it at a computer in Britain.

To clarify: I know very little about American libel law, but they tend to have a very different system to ours and especially around things like trials where they allow cameras in court and have all kinds of pre-trial reporting that just wouldn't be allowed here...