Friday, 3 October 2008

Linkables 10/3/8

Apologies for the lack of blogging activity from me recently - I've had a very enjoyable, but also very busy, week, and unfortunately blogging has taken a temporary back seat to more pressing issues.

Nevertheless, a few pieces of web miscellanea:

Bête de Jour's "The Morag Situation" posts are a great read - the story of a relationship told through IM coversations. Some background might be needed, but even if you're not a regular there, they're worth a look.

For fans of Dr. Horrible, the Evil League of Evil is now open for business.

Custom yarmulkes? Linked primarily for the name of the site. Which is awesome.

A selection of world map projections from the Telegraph based on various statistics.

The fight to save little used words, at the Times.

And finally, the transcript of a press conference with new Newcastle manager Joe Kinnear in which he confronts the journalists over alleged twisting of his words and of the situation. May require some background knowledge of the (admittedly confusing) situation up there, but an interesting read for anyone who's been annoyed at the manipulation of the truth that can occur in news publications from time to time.


Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

fancy making an evil video sometime??? I have a camera of awesomeness.

TheTelf said...

Oooh, we totally should. Count me in, my be-camera'd evildoer.

Hanspan said...

Can I help?

TheTelf said...

I'm sure you can, though it may require London-ness of some description. Although since we don't have a plan yet, clearly there should be no restrictions on who should be involved...