Saturday, 26 April 2008

The Big Reviewski

Just a note to say the first review on a new blog devoted to reviewing is now up at The actual review can be found here.

This venture is borne out of the fact that I like films and music, and I like reviewing things, and after seeing a few blogs which contain only reviews I thought that a separate blog just for reviews was something I wanted to try. Added to that there's the fact that I'm really quite proud of the film reviews I've written on this blog so far. Not necessarily in an "I think I'm great" kind of way, more that I think they flow quite well and that they're the main outlet for my own writing at the moment. Reviews will be posted in tandem on both the new blog and this blog to start with, or at least a link to each new review on the other blog will be posted here. The reviews already on this blog will be copied over to the other blog too.

So, add Drink Your Milkshake to your list of blogs. You know you want to.


TheTelf said...

Awesome cool. Contribution shall be made from myself as and when I have the opportunity. It will hopefully be the kick in the arse I need to get stuck into my backlog of reviews-to-do.

The problem I always seem to face when doing a review is that I get quite wordy and tend to waffle a fair amount. This means I end up with something that might have a nice turn of phrase to it, but is not necessarily the most informative or precise review. If, however, I try to do something more clinical, picking out bullet points of the good and bad, it starts to feel too clinical, and less interesting to read.

I don't know what the balance is, but does anyone have any preference? What do people like to see in a review?

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

not usre if it's possible with blogger, but can you try to make is alphabetically ordered rather than chronologically of posting, as it would be easier to find specific reviews. Maybe tagging them with the first letter of the film (except for "the something" films) would be a good solution

Anonymous said...

In response to Telf:
I personally prefer to see longer reviews with the writer's personal touch and opinion evident. That said, there'll probably be some films that you want to write loads on and others that you don't, so I think there's room for both quick reviews and more in-depth ones. But personally, I much prefer reading the "waffly" than the "clinical".

In response to Andy:
I'm trying to get some sort of filing system started through the tags for each entry. I like the idea of tagging each review with the first letter of the film titlw ("The..." films would be tagged with the first letter of the second word) so I'll look into the best way of implementing that.