Monday, 14 April 2008

Life begins at 200

On the only other blog of note I wrote on before this one, I managed to amass just over 200 angsty, teenage, personal, uninteresting posts in four-and-a-bit-years, so I'm very pleased that we've managed to get to that milestone in less than nine months (including a slow-ish start) here.

I'm also very happy with the type and quality of posts. While the lack of an overall theme means that it's unlikely to attract random external readers, I've certainly enjoyed reading everything posted on here so far, and see no reason why that would change.

So, as an official feedback request: Does anyone who's reading this (whether a writer on here or not) have any thoughts on things that should be changed about the way things are currently working on here? Because if not, I see no reason to alter anything. Although, I'm always on the lookout for anyone else interesting in contributing, clearly.

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Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

ll good as far as I'm concerned.