Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Video Extravaganza

Inspired by the 'Be Kind, Rewind' versions, You Tube is chock-a-block with 'Swedings' of films:

Star Wars:

Die Hard:

Kill Bill:

It's nice to see the random distribution of effort, for instance putting together a realistic weapon for GoGo, but having everyone clearly running around someone's house. It gave me a nice little nostalgic feeling for the days of Studio 219.

Linked to the star wars video above there was this rather awesome re-imagining of the Black Knight fight from Monty Python, star-wars-ized:

On a less purely entertaining note, this is an interesting documentary put together from direct satellite feeds picked up during the 1992 US election campaign. It's a little unclear sometimes quite what the overall point of the film is, but it's a nice compilation of clips, and an interesting look at the race from a totally different and unseen angle:

I'm not sure if five videos counts as an extravaganza, so perhaps this is more of a smorgasbord. Either way, I hope it was entertaining enough to distract you momentarily from your drab, meaningless little lives. Certainly worked for me.


Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

A nice selection of short films, meaning I didn't waste too much time.

As I like to pick holes in things, the Kill Bill one had a few annoyances, firstly the incessant "Action" s you could here all the way though it, if intentional where stupid and if unintentional and due to bad audio editing then the editor needs to be shot!
Also I'm yet to see a Kill Bill mick take that has a woman who can do the bad ass job as well as Uma (or even a fraction of it) they always come across somewhat weedy. Not that I'd be able to do much better.

The Monty Pyton Wars one was cool, but it felt a little like they'd run out of relevant sound clips for vader about half way through.

Final video didn't work for me.

TheTelf said...

Here's the link to the last vid, in case it doesn't work for anyone else.

Weirdly enough, pastiche actors (esp amateurs) tend not to be as good as professionals. I think that's kind of to be expected.

I'm generally impressed at how many sound clips they found that could be applied to the Black Knight fight.

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

McTelf said: Weirdly enough, pastiche actors (esp amateurs) tend not to be as good as professionals. I think that's kind of to be expected.

Yes I kinda left that bit out of my whine, but it did occur to me. My main point was not exactly at their acting, but just at how weedy they come across, surely they could put a bit of effort into it so they don't just look like a girl holding a sword and wondering what the hell they're really meant to be doing with this sharp pointy thing. (oh and yes I have just watched zero punctuation... sorry.)

Finally, I did think the star python vid was cool, but if it had lasted half as long I wouldn't have been able to complain, apart from maybe at how short it was.