Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Linkables 23/9/8

Just a few links again this time - had a pretty hectic week or so, and haven't had a chance to sift through a lot of my RSS feeds.

Firstly, Bête de Jour's "shame week" posts are a must-read. The posts themselves are, of course, excellently written, but the comments are also magnificent, as his readers tell their own stories. This being a blog I would like at some point to perhaps tell my parents about, I won't be revealing my most embarrassing moments on here, but hopefully those of strangers will be enough for you.

Secondly, and via the comments of one of the shame week posts, Overdressed and Underpaid, another excellently written personal blog willing to expose the most intimate of the author's personal moments. There's not a massive number of posts, but try Shame! and Why I don't exercise.

Thirdly, I link to Post of the Week fairly regularly, and have finally decided to get involved with it a little more closely (since I like the idea of it so much), and have joined the team there. And with great circumstance, my nomination of the aforementioned "Shame!" post won (the first time I've nominated a winning post). My being on the team means none of my posts here can be nominated, which also gives me a nice excuse when none of them are. :P

Finally, a web comic I can't believe has eluded me for this long, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. I sat down and read deep into the archives over the weekend, when it was recommended to me by two independent sources simultaneously. It's very much hit and very rarely miss, with a good dark streak to go along with the jokes. Read it. Now!

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yidilian said...

I like reading the embarrassing moments. Maybe I'm the guy who take delight in other people's embarrassing moments.


I recommand a website for you, I read the embarrassing moments everyday in the website.