Monday, 22 September 2008

Shameless plug.

Webcomics are marvellous. They embody a huge amount of what makes the internet great - the creativity unfettered by economics, the freedom of speech and expression, and, occasionally, the dramatic success story: the xkcd or the Penny Arcade, that allows its progenitor to live off the proceeds.

Without any such high minded ambitions, then, myself and a friend (also an occasional contributor to these pages), have spent the last five months or so putting together our own offering. Taking opposite sides of the gender conflict (there's an idea that's never been done before), we present the comics in the form of a pamphlet of advice about dealing with the opposite sex.

We've garnered as much feedback as we dare from trusted friends, but, as with all projects, there comes a time when they must be released into the wild, and for us that time is now. Hence, we present to you "How To Talk To Girls" and "How To Talk To Boys" - each entry guaranteed to be either based on a real experience or totally fabricated for entertainment value. Sometimes both.

As usual, any feedback would be hugely appreciated - we hope to get out a new comic every week or so (inspiration dependent), so hopefully we'll be able to take comments and advice in our stride and improve what we already have. Oh, and some of the comics are both disgusting and offensive. It's not our fault. We are simply vessels through which whatever passes for a muse these days flows.

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