Sunday, 28 September 2008

Linkables 28/9/8

A ton of links came up quite quickly since the last links post I did, so I thought I'd slip in another to avoid the next one being too long.

First a couple from 6 brainwashing techniques to watch out for (particularly in election season), and an introduction to the monkeysphere.

Google's Project 10 to the 100 looks interesting - they're looking for large scale ideas to help people, with those helping the most people having the best chance of being shortlisted. It looks like there's a limit of $10m amongst up to 5 projects and 1 or 2 years implementation, though, which probably rules out massive operations like Seawater Greenhouses. However, if the scheme works, it could be the kind of thing that could run again and again with a larger scope and budget.

If you're a West Wing fan, you have to read this conversation between Obama and Bartlet as written by Aaron Sorkin. If you can do Bartlet's voice in your head, it's even better. And, staying with politics, someone has written a Markov text generator to mimic Sarah Palin's convoluted interview answers (found via Metafilter Projects).

And finally a couple of great blog posts, via POTW: A great list of memories from steakhouse blues, and a sweet story from hobocamp.

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