Saturday, 6 September 2008


I totally did not make these up. They are for serious.


Hanspan said...

You lie. You lie damnable. You lie cowardly. You lie like an ape.

TheTelf said...

A comment! All those hours of refreshing browsers rather than having sex have not gone to waste!

Is it not "You lie like a Calormene", rather than "You lie cowardly"?

Narnia ftw.

Hanspan said...

It might be both. Or you might be right. I'm going on my memory of the audio recording by (the late) Sir Michael Hordern, which I haven't listened to in years.

I'm also very impressed you got the quote.

Can you place: "Lie there, vile engine of sorcery, lest your mistress use you on another victim."?

That's possibly my favouritest quote from anything ever.

TheTelf said...

Then you and I are working off the same source - I listened to The Last Battle cassettes soooo many times when I was a kid, so bits of it are totally stuck in my head.

I can't place your new quote, though, can you enlighten me?