Saturday, 6 September 2008

17 things what I discovered yesterday

Software breaking at 5pm on a Friday is a funny myth, but sometimes it actually happens.

Unpaid overtime makes one feel noble, but also tired.

I should have checked the weather forecast before deciding to give myself one more week with my old shoes.

Walking around with holes in your shoes in torrential rain is a good way to give yourself squelchy socks.

Squelchy socks are a good way to give yourself trench foot.

When walking past someone throwing up in the street during a downpour, the best place to stand is not downstream.

I've never been through Aldgate before, but I saw more people throwing up, pissing and rooting through bins last night than I have on any previous fifteen minute walk.

I've never been to Brick Lane before, but it turns out it has a lot of curry houses.

Walking down Brick Lane when you don't want a curry is like walking through Camden when you don't want to buy drugs.

People will also try to sell you drugs in Brick Lane.

There are curry houses on Brick Lane that at some point believed putting in a television screen showing Bollywood music videos would be an effective hook.

There exists such a thing as duck curry, with orange sauce no less.

Sometimes people on the street want money, but sometimes they just want high fives.

The drinking ban on the tube is entirely unenforceable.

Drinking wine out of the back of a bottle does not cure hiccups.

Almost anything is funny on a tube train at quarter to one in the morning.

Especially the idea of filling the Thames with pudding.


La Bête said...

Did you get vomit in your shoes then? And trench foot. Did you get trench foot?

Also, how do I talk to girls? Your profile suggests that you know. Tell me!

TheTelf said...

I managed to avoid the vomit, though in the dark it was a close run thing. And I don't really know how to diagnose trench foot. My feel were a little... crunchy... for a couple of days afterwards, but that's cleared up now.

I fear that my profile is misleading you with its ironic mis-representation of my prowess in the area of conversations with girls. I have read enough of your blog to know that you're far more accomplished in your interactions with the fairer sex than I. My advice on how to talk to girls, whenever it becomes public, will, I fear, only be appropriate for those looking for a swift knee to the testes.