Sunday, 22 February 2009

All Shirts Will Continue To Go To Hell

As a follow-up entry to this post...

I received an email from T-Shirt Hell on their advertised final day of business with a link to this message. If you don't want to read it all, here's the gist of it: T-Shirt Hell is not closing down. They never were. My thoughts:

- Whilst I'm glad that T-Shirt Hell will continue to operate (allegedly "bigger, better and more fucked up than before"), I still can't help but feel that if Megatron had called it a day now that the site and its merchandise would have gone out on a high with a legacy of quality and uncompromised ideals.

- As a customer who bought two of the almost 100,000 shirts bought during T-Shirt Hell's "final weeks", am I annoyed that I was "tricked" into doing so? Not really. There was part of me that bought the shirts because I believed that this was to be my last opportunity to do so, but ultimately I've got two shirts that I like, that I will wear, and that even if the whole "closing down" thing hadn't happened I was quite likely to have bought at some point anyway. As the message states: "Sometimes you need to kick your loved ones in the assholes to get them to satisfy their need for awesome t-shirts".

- If anything, I'm slightly disappointed in myself for not guessing, or at least seeing the possibility, that the "closing down" thing was a hoax. It just goes to reemphasise how shameless Sunshine Megatron is when it comes to his commitment to T-Shirt Hell. And I can't argue with his statement that faking the closure of the site has saved jobs at the company during the global recession. And if you want more proof of Megatron's commitment to T-Shirt Hell's ideals, take into account that he has had an attempt on his life in the past over the shirts he creates, and then click here.

So, welcome back T-Shirt Hell (athough you, er, never actually left). I look forward to browsing your shirts for years to come, and hope that the next shirt I buy will not need a fake closing down sale to push me towards making the purchase.

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