Monday, 2 February 2009

When feminism goes bad

There is almost nothing about this article that doesn't piss the tits right off me.

If you thought all feminists were man-hating lesbians, then you might just have found the ultimate one. Arg. I know feminism is diverse by its very nature and hey, all of us sisters don't agree on everything all the time. But I especially don't agree with almost all of this. In fact, I'm too enraged (also tired) to write a proper dissection of it. But just read it and say arg quietly to yourself a few times. And you know, then go commit some domestic violence like the brutish, Nazi-style oppressors of fragile womanhood that you truly are. Yes, male-things, I'm talking about you. With your penises and your oppression and your all-heterosexual-sex-is-basically-rape style of foreplay and intercourse.

Srsly, it's things like this that make me ashamed to be a lesbian.


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Hanspan said...

I wondered how a gay man might feel reading that. Your succinct yet eloquent response tells me all I need to know ;)

Beaten any women up lately?