Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Linkables 10/2/9

I know I know I know. Links post != real update. I'm busy and tired and have way too little inspiration and far too much mis-applied perspiration.

Ryan North explores the dramatic possibilities of AI language-based games.

Plant trees using your iPhone. (iPhone required to participate)

You know all those photos of ridiculously over-the-top food from around the world (*ahem* America *ahem*)? Now there's a blog for them.

There should be something preventing the BBC putting videos this terrifying on their site. Don't fuck around with level crossings.

I was going to talk about the media coverage of the snow, but David Mitchell got there first and said everything I would have. Bastard.

And, on a darker note, a really interesting read (but not for the faint of heart): how not to commit suicide. Followed up with a tall glass of real suicide notes.

Finally Dr Ben Goldacre on scientific statistics used in news items.

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