Monday, 24 March 2008

Fetcher la vache

First off, apologies again for the hiatus in entries from me here. However, having just checked to see when I actually last posted something and finding out it was just over three weeks ago, my excuse is that the last three weeks have been hectic in terms of my course: getting used to a new school, a different way of doing things, and just remembering how to plan and teach a lesson, have had to take priority over many other things. I have a week back down in London this week, and I intend to make some entries during that time, most likely about music and films. Hopefully writing that here will galvanise me into making sure I take the time to write something when I have some spare time.

For now, here's a link to a highly enjoyable song about militant cattle. The song has some very clever lines and is a well-made parody of the country ballad style, and the animation is enjoyable enough if fairly simple. Overall worth a look, though.

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