Monday, 3 March 2008

Post(s) of the Week(s)

I've spent the last couple of days reading through the past winners of Post of the Week. It's an interesting little voting community, where nominated posts are whittled down to a short list by a panel of judges and then voted on by the site's readers. It's a really useful way of finding blogs with great writing but without a big readership, especially since blogs that are nominated a lot are removed from the circulation, keeping the award going to newer blogs.

Some of my favourites so far:

Interesingly (I don't know whether this is by design or by accident) most of the winners seem to be personal-experience based and anecdotal in nature. Some of them are funny, some of them are moving. Most of the ones I've chosen above are funny, but the moving ones are by no means less impactful.


immedia reaction said...

I happened across Post of the Week recently, when I started reading Todger Talk, which was then nominated for a post dissecting a BBC feature piece about men who use prostitutes.

Assuming Post of the Week have an archive, I'd seriously recommend you read it. And depening on how you feel about a sex blog written by men, the rest of Todger Talk as well ;P

TheTelf said...

Dude, I was reading Todger Talk before it was cool... :P

immedia reaction said...

Oooh get you. Your next challenge is to leave a named comment :P ... or link me to a post where you already have.

I only discovered it recently, and quite by accident. But I think it's great and very funny.

TheTelf said...

Agree that it's awesome and funny, and addresses some issues head on that are often avoided.

I've thought about leaving a comment, but others often say things much better than I could, and I can never really think of anything interesting to add.

I'll let you know if I pluck up the courage to put one up... :P

immedia reaction said...

Watch your feeds more avidly. Then be the first to respond. Just go for it. Don't be shy!

TheTelf said...

And yourself? Have you commented there yet?