Friday, 14 March 2008


I've got a couple of half written posts, but they're not ready to go up here, yet, so I'm stuck giving you yet more links. In this case, to various videos I've enjoyed over the last few weeks:

Firstly the wider availability of handheld recording devices is being expertly countered by increasingly realistic CG effects in the battle to prove or disprove the existence of alien visitation. Two particularly viral fakes:

Haiti UFO [fake]


Secondly, this video was linked from woot a while back, providing as it does an imagined english interpretation of an indian song:

and it reminded me of this 'Songs of Praise' reinterpretation by Adam Buxton:

Then we have some insane football skills, again, via woot:

Thundercat outtakes, put to some appropriate video from the show:

And finally some awesome dating video clips from the 80s. Tell me Louie doesn't sound like a Will Ferrell character:

1 comment:

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

Ahh the joys of CG, now we can dispense with the whole out of focus image of a vague indistict shape and just have awesome looking visuals, hurrah.

The "translation" vid is kinda silly. Adam Buxton does a good attempt at something that makes some sense, this one is mostly gibberish, however the asia george micheal is awesome.

THUNDERCATS HOOOO!!! And then Cheetara turns up. (i used wikipedia to find the name, as I couldn't rememeber it) how did they not have that?

But other than that an awesome vid :D Thundercats ala sealab should exist.