Friday, 28 March 2008

Linkables 28/3/8

It's sort of a cop-out, but I've had a madly tiring week or so, and need a few days to compose myself before writing something meaningful. So some more fun and games from the rest of the internet:

Remember how I was thinking about addiction. Turns out other people were too.

A fun geography-based quickfire game. Turns out I'm pretty crap at it.

Stereotypist, who's comics I do not necessarily love, answers 50 questions, an idea and execution thereof that I do love. Necessarily.

Humorous images, of a wet floor and helicopter warning, the latter from this discussion on the always excellent 'ask metafilter'.

Were you to be the kind of person who watches awesome mind-fuck series 'Lost', you may enjoy this compelling theory of what the fuck is going on. I stopped before the end, because I'm deathly afraid of teh spoilz0rs, but it's an excellent read so far. It's quite deliciously Primer-esque too. If you haven't seen Primer, watch it now. Now.

If you didn't start reading Bête de Jour back when I recommended him, I'm giving you a second chance. He's an awesome writer, and has the balls to write about some ridiculously personal stuff, such as the current saga of him and his best friend and a girl. Read his 'significant moment' posts too, if you like it, they're all great, and revealing, and refreshingly honest.

Ways to really teach someone a lesson #94: Get a mob to steal all their stuff. Seriously, how fucked up is that. It reminded me of this similar story I found a while back via post of the week.

And, to lighten the mood a little, millionaires fucking up the very simplest of things:

Not sure that first one from Dyer should be there - not exactly the easiest chance in the world. The others are pretty awesome, though.

That's all for this week, hope there's something there to keep you entertained over the weekend.

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