Sunday, 9 March 2008

This weekend...

...I have been mostly pleased by...

  • ... listening to Heretic Pride all weekend, and loving every track.
  • ... being in sustained and rewarding contact with some of my wonderful friends with whom I had not been in contact with for a while.
  • ... getting into some awesome commenting-conversations on (not so) old blog entries.
  • ... playing stupid games and eating junk food in front of good films.
  • ... finally eating at Wagamama, and finding it to be quite acceptably tasty.
  • ... the FA cup quarter final madness.

...while I have mostly been frustrated by...
  • ... web hosting companies that upgrade from PHP4 to PHP5 without warning or notification, thus causing their faithful clients to spend hours pulling their hair out over why their code is breaking.
  • ... webcomics without rss feeds.
  • ... the fact that I want to connect a laptop to a television but keep buying the wrong cables.
  • ... the fact that the aforementioned television refuses to accept a widescreen resolution when linked from a laptop, despite actually being widescreen.
  • ... the fact that spending time with some of my wonderful friends precludes spending time with other wonderful friends.
  • ... the fact that some of my wonderful friends make it very difficult to arrange time with which to spend with them.
  • ... the fact that I've resorted to random lists in order to keep a vague semblance of life about this blog, after a hugely productive January and February.
  • ... the fact that Newcastle can't buy a slice of good luck at the moment.
  • ... the fact that it's over so quickly.
So a mixed one in total.


immedia reaction said...

Can't believe you'd never been to Wagamama's before. Shame on thou.

And the whole point of blogs is to comment. So comment on mine :P

TheTelf said...

Ha, then you don't know how embarrassingly picky I can be with food :s. I fear the unfamiliar.

And I thought the point of blogs was to be angsty and pretentious for a while and then sign a lucrative book deal.

I find it difficult to comment on your stuff because I agree with most of it, and you're a better writer than me, so to comment would be to repeat your points in a less... good... way. See.

I'm def reading them, though... awaiting my opportunity.