Monday, 11 August 2008

Don't tell me what I can't blog

Just because Lost isn't back on TV for a good six months doesn't mean I'm not still thinking about the Island and those involved with it. Let me backtrack slightly. I'm a huge Lost fan, as is at least one other writer on this blog. I know people who have tried to watch it but have become frustrated with the seemingly unanswered questions and lack of pay-off to many things that happened within the series, but having stuck with it initially because I really enjoyed a lot of the characters, those are the things that I like about it the most. The overarching story which clearly won't be fully explained until the final episodes of the final season (there's going to be six, so don't worry, you've got ample time to watch seasons one to four if you haven't already before season five begins) has me hooked, and although whatever the big reveal turns out to be will undoubtedly split the Lost fan base as to whether it was "worth it", I'll be glad that I followed a series that was willing to take risks with narrative. Yes, Lost is difficult to follow at times. No, you're not meant to know exactly what's going on all the time (the episode where Desmond meets the creepy old lady in the jewellery shop has had pretty much no explanation about it since it happened, and it's still one of my favourites). So many of the convoluted theories around what's actually happening are destined to turn out to be hogwash, but a series that manages to generate the sheer amount of speculation that Lost has deserves to be commended even by those who don't quite find it their cup of tea.

Anyway, back to my original intention. Lost isn't on at the moment, but there's still plenty of stuff to read and watch on the 'net about it. So, in the style of Mr. Telf's patented Linkables, here are a few "Lostables" from yours truly.

Firstly, the best Lost site by far: Lostpedia. A wiki encyclopaedia, but it's run with such tightness, detail and dedication that I have found myself browsing around on it for up to an hour, just reading about things I remember about the series, things I'd forgotten, and things I never had any idea were there in the first place. If you're a Lost fan and haven't seen it, you need this site. If you've yet to get into the series, parts of the site may be a good starting point, but be careful of spoilers, as the site presumes you've seen everything that's been broadcast so they aren't always indicated.

Lost ROFL is great fun for Lost fans who appreciate internet humour. Some of the stuff can be hit and miss, but some of it is just hilarious.

After 'Lost' is another humourous Lost site, presented in webcomic fashion. Most of the jokes require a pretty decent knowledge of the series, but most references should be familiar to regular audience members. Again, some funnier than others, but a pretty original idea done well.

And a few videos to finish...

The excellent promotional videos made by David LaChappelle and used on Channel 4 when Lost was first shown. I like the way that what some of the characters say and do (especially Locke and Walt) might still have a bearing on where the series is going, especially as the makers of Lost claim that they have known what the ending will be since they began making the series.

Pretty sure this one encapsulates how many people have felt at times whilst watching...

Is there anything that doesn't have a Brokeback parody any more?

And another in the same vein, with some great rescripting and music choices

The last two just have to be watched to be believed. Lost Rhapsody...

... and Lost Rhapsody 2: Electric Boogaloo!

And lastly, this is just funny (as long as you scroll down fairly slowly).

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