Friday, 22 August 2008

Onion unwanted

Second only to soft drink half measures in my rage-inducing food-and-drink-related issues is when a meal I ordered turns out to have unexpected additions.

Case in point, if I order a "hand-made beef burger with cheese and bacon", I don't expect the otherwise delicious burger to be packed full of little pieces of onion. Perhaps the chef decided that it tastes better that way, and perhaps many people would appreciate the addition, but it violates the simplest of rules: if it's not on the menu, don't put it in the fucking meal.

If I decide that a salad I'm making would be improved with a few shavings of bacon in it, but fail to advertise this on the menu, I'm lining myself up to be faced with some very angry vegetarians, not to mention all the other groups for whom pork is objectionable.

The anti-onion lobby is admittedly smaller, but it is nevertheless extant. Some people just don't like bits of onion in their food, and if you put them in without announcing it, all you're going to do is piss off a portion of your clientèle.

So thanks unnamed pub in which I had lunch, for letting me buy something I didn't actually want to eat.


Hanspan said...

Anti-onion lobby eh? Would I be right in thinking that you comprise the sole member of said lobby?


I need to make you my onion gravy using red onions and 6 Italian spices Oxo stock cubes. It's to die for, especially with steak burgers from my local butchers...

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

onions suck cock!

I agree whole heartedly.

I once, when quite young, went out for a meal with my parents to a pub, ordered a nice lasagne which I then proceeded to despise when my first mouthful afforded me an incredible taste of pure onion. My parents weren't overly pleased with me, but when you don't like the taste of something, having to eat a meal comprising almost entirely of the taste of said something is hardly enjoyable.

Onions should be shot!

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

Having said this, used wisely they do enhance the flavour of food.