Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Things what I saw yesterday.

Not all posts have to have a point, you know. They don't all have to be "deep" and "philosophical" and "informative" and "interesting" and "worthwhile". They can in fact be mundane and sleep-inducing too. So, in the spirit of this new realisation, I give you a list of things I saw last night, in the hopes that the sheer ordinariness of it all will warm your hearts, rather than inspiring you to mock me for my unoriginality.

So, among the things I saw last night were, in no particular order:

- A jogger in an army vest who looked just like Willem Dafoe.

- Two joggers in Spain and Portugal football shirts respectively passing each other in opposite directions on the Embankment.

- A pub with coke and lemonade on tap but not diet coke. It sold some some sort of home-made, own-brand diet coke instead. It tasted like pepsi max mixed with fizzy water. Ick.

- A man, woman and child walking very slowly hand-in-hand and blocking the entire width of a tube platform.

- Three tourists with massive suitcases milling around outside a tube station seemingly trying to inconvenience as many pedestrians as possible by transporting their suitcases in the most ludicrous manner.

- A woman at a bus stop get hit by an egg thrown from a passing car. The car's occupants sped away roaring with laughter. The woman got on a bus.

- Two middle aged men on a bus, clearly both the worse for wear arguing about their plans for the rest of the evening:

"What time is it?"
"Half ten"
"Mmm... Kebab time"
"No, my wife'll kill me. She has to get up at six."
"Pah! What does she know."

That felt a little bit like the section at the end of a Where's Wally book where it tells you all the things you should have spotted in each area. No? Just me, then. Hope that wasn't too dull - this is what happens when I try to keep posting stuff reasonably regularly without having time to write anything interesting.

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