Friday, 8 August 2008

Linkables 8/8/8

Yep, I specifically delayed doing this post till today because of the coolness of todays date. I'm that easily manipulated.

The LHC begins initial testing today.
Number of black holes created so far: 0
Number of times this universe has been destroyed so far: 0
Counts will be updated as and when the numbers change.

Good humorous breakdown of the strangeness of some scientific theories. Interesting set of links at the end of the article too.

How many goats are you worth?

Via the f-word, a really worrying article about gender equality and discrimination in Russian jobs.

Zombies need love too.

Take a load of image results, split them in half and mirror them - weirdly mesmerising.

A friend pointed me at a beautiful revolution, whose doodles in particular remind me of both TfD and Edward Monkton. Same person also recommended Things My Girlfriend And I Have Argued About, which is massive, hilarious, and difficult to stop reading once you've started.

And finally, from the always entertainthing, a load of hilarious pictures. How unexpected.

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