Thursday, 3 January 2008

2007 in Film (a.k.a. Filmography: BamBi Edition)

Telf did this a while ago, and I've been meaning to do an equivalent post since I read his. Essentially I'll try to sum up my thoughts on every film I saw that was released in 2007, trying to keep it under twenty five words for each. I'll also give a score out of ten in the same way Telf did.

Spider-Man 3
Generally enjoyable, and I didn't dislike the comic style of dark Peter Parker as much as others seem to have. 7/10

Blades Of Glory
Some very funny parts. Heder steals the show, Ferrell is funny but going through the motions. 6/10

Visually mind-blowing, strong performances and story-telling, and the script is less distractingly cheesy the second time round. Excellent. 9/10

An excellent film with fine performances from Gyllenhaal and Downey Jr. Gripping storyline with staunch realism. A little overlong, and occasionally muddled however. 8/10

Blood Diamond
A great mix of action and drama, with some international politics thrown in. The cast are great, and the film kept me gripped throughout. 8/10

Hostel: Part II
Not as good as the first film, and a few of the extreme scenes feel unnecessary. Still a good story and a well made film however. 7/10

Ocean's Thirteen

Just as enjoyable, slick and humorous as the first film. The returning cast are all excellent, and Pacino is of course superb. 8/10

Die Hard 4.0 (Live Free Or Die Hard)
Standard action fare, with Willis back doing what he does so very well. Well made, great fun. 7/10

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix
Having now read all the books, this comes across as too chopped up and watered down. Okay, but not great. 5/10

The Simpsons Movie

Not as good as the "classic" Simpsons episodes, but so much better than the tripe they churn out now. Very funny. 8/10

The action sequences were too few and came across as muddled. A wasted opportunity, especially when doing slapstick with expensive CGI robots. 4/10

Knocked Up
An enjoyable and well made comedy. Paul Rudd steals the show in his scenes. Consistently funny, occasionally a little over-sentimental. 7/10

Notes On A Scandal
Judi Dench shows how brilliant she is. A chilling and gripping story. An excellent film. 8/10

Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End
Depp reprises his role well, but on the whole the film feels too long, confusing and uninteresting. 5/10

Hot Fuzz
Brilliant parody, character comedy, observational humour and action film. Excellent. 8/10

The Illusionist

A good film, but one that I was hoping would be a lot better, so a little disappointing. Enjoyable however. Norton is great, Giamatti superb. 7/10

28 Weeks Later
A different type of film to the first, but still very good, only occasionally becoming a little cliched in its devices. 7/10

Enjoyable, but not great. Some parts are hilarious, others feel largely pointless. Very hit-and-miss. 6/10

Run, Fat Boy, Run
Overwhelmingly average and safe throughout, with a couple of fairly funny parts. Painfully disappointing from Pegg. 5/10

Day Watch (Dnevnoi Dozor)
Just as enjoyable as Night Watch. Very stylish and well written. Excellent. 8/10

The All Together
Confused and amateurish throughout. Freeman and Dyer go through the motions. Startlingly dark in places, but overall not good. 4/10

The animation can't be faulted, as it gets better in each Pixar film. The story lacked focus, the characters depth. The ending seemed rushed. Fairly enjoyable however. 6/10

American Gangster
Solid throughout with some fabulous scenes and characters. Washington and Crowe are both excellent. A great film. 8/10

A gripping and unique take on the story. Great throughout, with amazing CGI and a wealth of excellent performances. 8/10

Daft Punk's Electroma
Occasionally a little slow and self-indulgent, but some beautiful cinematography and a captivating yet simple story make this a great film. 8/10

We Own The Night
Some great performances throughout and an excellent story for the first half. The film loses its way in the second half however, with a couple of decidedly dodgy plot turns. 6/10

I Am Legend
The first three quarters are excellent. Then it becomes your basic Hollywood action film which is a shame. Will Smith gives a great performance throughout. 7/10

I've not mentioned any of the films I saw for the first time this year, but weren't released this year. I may do that in another entry, but we shall see.

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