Sunday, 13 January 2008

Linkables 13/1/8

Thanks to James (one of the occasional writers on this blog), I've just started to read some Asimov, and am very much enjoying it. Coincidentally, I found this short story (via KTR, somehow) by him, which I found hugely enjoyable, and possibly the best story of its length that I have ever read. I haven't read a huge number of short stories, so make of that recommendation what you will.

The highlights from this week:

How to actually win a fist fight: 'Winning' meaning (as it should), not getting the crap kicked out of you, and getting away. Seems like a pretty good guide for emergencies, though the best way to prepare for the worst is to get some proper training, clearly.

10 Creepiest old ads: These are pretty funny, though the effect is diminished by the fact that they are interspersed with occasional google ads, which are less funny and presented no differently than the old ads.

You're all cheaters: Continuation of Raph Koster's musings on cheating and RMT (real money transfer) in online games.

Shoot the stupid: Good source for viral comedy, found via a group email of this one at work. Note also: this one and this one.

And finally, I guess it was bound to happen eventually...

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