Tuesday, 29 January 2008

commuting tales

At London Bridge station they have Oyster Card readers stuck to some station pillars, to allow people who use their cards to swipe in and out without the endless barrier-induced queues. However, I have this fear that these readers are going to reach out and read the card in my wallet, in my coat pocket. So, I alwayy keep my distance, which, when I look at it, seems silly.

There's also a building, or, more appropriately, a building site, on my way to work. When I first started it was just a hole in the ground, then this was filled with cement (or what I assume was cement) and now there's a large concrete tower with what look like hooks on it. I'm assuming they hang the various stories of the building from these hooks, but am looking forward to seeing further construction. At the moment this is being played to me somewhat like those nature shows about plants, only in really slow motion (or, in fact, real time).


Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

I find myself fascinated with building sites, I love the way buildings are put together, like giant lego or a better simile

There's a number of identical buildings being built in Manchester at the moment, next to each other, but they're all in various stages of construction, one full, one less so and so on, so it's kinda like a step by step picture. I love it. I'm lame.

TheTelf said...

Pics plz? (aimed at both of you).

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

I don't have a camera worthy of taking pictures. I'll try to steal my house mates though.