Sunday, 27 January 2008

Let's talk about sex, baby...

Actually, let's not. It'd just get really awkward really quickly, and no one would get anything useful out of it. However, the sex title was not for nothing, and was a sly tactic to allow me to plug a few sex-related blogs that I have started reading recently:

Girl with a one-track mind: Excellent, long running and massively popular blog about the sexual adventures of a modern woman [introduction][example post]. Via which I was pointed to the excellently named Todger Talk, an attempt to give a sensible down-to-earth sexual information resource aimed at men, "without the bullshit, bravado and misinformation" [introduction][example post].

Moving smoothly on from that last example post, and sticking with the prostitution theme, I'll point to Letters from Working Girls and Letters from Johns, which are companion blogs from opposite sides of the transaction, as it were. They're pretty new (both only started this month), and are updated infrequently, but I've enjoyed the range of stories and perspectives provided, even at this early stage.

So there you go, four 'sex blogs', though all approaching things from different angles. As I say, I've only just started reading them, so no guarantees of continuing quality (or even existence), but thought I'd try and share my first experiences of this interesting genre of bloggery.

In order to pad this entry out a little, I'll also list a couple of other non (or at least non-specifically) sex related blogs that I've also picked up over the last week:

Bête de Jour is a thoroughly well written blog from the perspective of someone plagued with the kind of physical and social difficulties that the vast majority of people never even come close to experiencing. On the sex-theme again, I found it via a link to this post from girl with a one-track mind.

Finally, Trick cycling for beginners has nothing to do with sex (per se), but is a great look at the trials and tribulations of a junior psychiatrist. It's one of a number of the web of career-blogs that I've slowly been burrowing through, and I think I got to it via a comment on NHS Blog Doctor.

So, anyway, I hope you start to read (or at least try to start to read) some of those I've named, and that you weren't too disappointed by the fact that this was just a carefully disguised links post. Looking through any of those linked to would be much more interesting and enlightening than anything that I could say on the subject, anyway.


immedia reaction said...

I'll talk about sex if you want. What would you like to talk about?

Just for future reference, I'm quite happy to discuss sex with friends, on a theoretical basis, as it were...

TheTelf said...

I'm more than happy to discuss sex (though maybe not so much on a public forum...) with friends (as opposed to discussing sex-with-friends), but it's a topic that rarely comes up in casual conversation.

And it can be difficult to crowbar it in to conversation too. People tend to give you odd looks... :P

immedia reaction said...

Ah, I find the trick is to bring it up deliberately :P

Interestingly, I did include the phrase "in not such a public forum" in my initial post. But the way I'd phrased things made it possible to construe that I was suggesting cybersex or something. So I scrapped it and started again.