Friday, 25 January 2008

Linkables 25/1/8

Seriously, I've got like 5 proper posts sitting in the 'todo' pile, including a couple of film reviews, but I just don't have the energy right now. So, another set of hopefully-interesting, possibly-exciting, and certainly-easy-to-produce link lists:

First up, I have had the song 'Rockstar' by Nickelback stuck in my head for five days now. The only reason it hasn't driven me totally mad yet is that I do actually like the song quite a bit (again, just ignore my taste in music if you can), and particularly like the video. I'm not going to try and work out what I like about it, but I actually find it quite a feelgood experience to watch it, despite the fairly shallow sentiments of the song itself. So, anyway, here's the video along with excellent spoof (of the song, not the video).

Next, a cool little 3D puzzle game. Takes a little while to get the concept down in your head, but most of the ten listed here are pretty easy once you've got the hang of the interface. Fun little distraction, though.

A little repository ostensibly holding technical interview questions, but really just a set of brainteasers. Included here because I really liked the pirate one.

This Wii headset hack is just mindblowing. Seriously. Can we all say 'future of gaming' together now...

And, on a gaming note, we have the awesome speed demos archive, which I found a while back but never linked to. It's just a repository of the fastest speed runs on different games, without cheats, but with glitches allowed (so you can't use noclip to walk through walls, but you can jump over them if you can manipulate the game physics to let you). I have found that watching someone complete a game that I struggled with for days in half an hour is a humbling and relaxing experience.

An interesting article on the ways different cultures view the world and a sad article about one of the cultures that maybe didn't have what it takes to survive in the modern world.

Finally, an excellent list of desirable traits. I think it's pretty close to the list of qualities I would hope to cultivate in myself anyway, but it's interesting to see them enumerated. If you notice me failing to fulfil any of these at any time, don't hesitate to tell me. Seriously, it's hard to both analyse and modify your own behaviour the whole time, so let me know if you notice I'm overlooking some of these anywhere. Possibly the only one I would add to the list would be a sense of humour about things. There is a time for serious discussion, but also a time for making light of things, and a person should be able to see the humour even in the things he or she cares about deeply.

That's all for now. Enjoy your weekend :D

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