Monday, 25 February 2008

Linkables 25/2/8

It's been a while since I last unloaded some links, so there's a fair few here:

Firstly an interesting, if not entirely scientific, look at what different European countries think of one another.

About a year ago I was addicted to Line Rider, a little flash game based on chaotic physics as you guide a sledger down a slope. Part of the fun was developing your own courses, but also watching and playing with other people's. I recently bumped into the natural evolution of this, Line Golfer, which has you knocking a ball around courses designed in the same way.

One of the things you look for in a blog is a sense of focus on one topic (something this blog spectacularly fails in), and next up is a great little blog covering a very narrow subject matter, strange maps. I'm not a particular fan of cartography, but the little analyses and comments that come alongside each map are both interesting and well written, and it's a great little infrequent generator of interesting content.

What if Google tried to follow the example set down by Microsoft's search dog?

Via Woot, 41 Hilarious Science Fair Experiments, and the truly creepy Mystery of Dyatlov Pass, which led me, by a roundabout way to the manga that scared me so badly over the weekend.

Totally incredible photos of the first couple of microseconds of an atomic explosion.

And finally, Garfield minus Garfield, a study in depression and a descent into madness.

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