Sunday, 10 February 2008

What are you trying to tell me?

On the tube today, 50% of the adverts in my carriage were either for dating agencies or contained references to Valentine's day:


Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

Well that's obvious. It's nearing the mother of all non events to celebrate, and a heck of a lot of money can be made from saps who think that spending wildly on their other half will win them some favour (and most likely some sex), but it's also the time when single people become all depressed because they don't have anyone to waste money on, therefore resort to such travesties as dating services. In short, it's advertising geared around a annual/anal event (ie and event from the anus, not one that's about being anal), if you think of the advertising around Christmas the same happens, and yes they are trying to tell you something "Go spend you money stupidly so we can get richer".

I'm not bitter because I don't have a girlfriend, I will continue to ignore Valentines day (despite what I suggested recently) even when I do have a girlfriend as I think it's a disgusting excuse for a marketing ploy.

WHERE'S ST. SINGLE-'N'-HAPPY'S DAY????? f'ing couples get all the fun.

James said...

Well, part of me agrees with both you, but part of me says Christmas is a marketing ploy, but it's nice because families get together and everyone gives the kids presents and has a fun day. There may be a lot of comercialism on valentines day, but it also gives couples a good (alright, not that good) reason to have an evening out together / make a specific effort for one night (two including anniversaries) which they may otherwise feel to busy / lazy to do. And if flower shops make money out of a couple's happiness, well that's fine by me.

Also, i would bet if you had a girlfriend, and she wanted to celebrate valentines day, you would too :-)

Also, surely 'Single and Happy' would cover the vast majority of saints?

And you should both read charlie brooker's comment in the G2 today

TheTelf said...

If I had a girlfriend, every day would be Valentine's Day.

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

that's mostly my point, if you can't make time (or simply can't be bothered) then you should be allowed a girlfriend/wife/whatever.

That's a bold statement really :S

I can't remember who told me about this, but I heard of a couple who just bought things for each other regardless of what specific day it was, instead of having to wait for a special occasion and either not being able to find the gift they'd seen or it having become irrelevant , which I like as an idea, and it works for going out for meals etc. just do stuff because you want to not because a specific day dictates it, break free from the chains of oppression and roam free in a land where materialism and structure have no meaning, hurrah!

OK, maybe went a little crazy there.

Mr Charlie Brooker has some interesting if not overly cynical at points. I get the feeling he was recently dumped, but then with a face like his who wouldn't want to dump him, repeatedly, just for fun, to spawn more G2 columns about the love that was once but is now a bitter twisted heap, over email, via a false email address...

Anyway enough being mean to people, good night.

TheTelf said...

Did you mean "shouldn't" instead of "should" in the first line of your last comment Andy?

In terms of the couple, I mentioned something like that in this post. Was that what you were thinking of?

Charlie Brooker is always teh funny.

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

wow i'm incredibly silly.

Yes I did mean shouldn't not should (completely destroyed my own point)

and yes it was what you said, I like quote people to themselves, it's fun!